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Me & the Kids (Voice Post)

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It's a Hot Ass Day (Voice Post)

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“Hey everyone, it's about 2:15. I'm outside at Kay's house. I have to go outside when I smoke a cigarette cos she doesn't want me to smoke in the house, but anyway, it's a hot ass day. I swear to God, I've lost about 7 pounds just sitting out here in the last 10 mins. It's crazy, ridiculous. I hate this town, I freaking hate it, but thank God, I only have like 3 more mons left & then I'm outta here. Anyway, so that's the scoop. That's the update. I'm gonna probably, you know, post another 1 later with both of the kids so they can say hi & well, we'll talk to you then. Goodbye.”

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Can YOU Figure it Out? (Voice Post)

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“Hey Good Morning, everybody. I was just looking at the transcription of my Voice Post offs & that is histerical. Some of those things are obviously incorrect. Maybe you can figure out which 1. Just listen to the actual Voice Posts & see if you can figure out where they made the mistake, it's kind of like a little game called Tease Voice Post Transcripting Game. Anyway, I've got to get out of here, I got to go to work. I have to get over to the ranch & take care of some things & also to go to the store & buy some food. I have to go shopping so anyway, I'll be back later. Just wanna say hey everyone & check out my Voice Post Transcriptions see if you can figure out what's wrong, ok. Talk to you soon. Bye bye. Love you. Bye.”

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Just a Quick Hello (Voice Post)

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“It's 1:10 in the morning & still awake. Probably because I stopped so late today. I've been sick off & on. So, ___ Anyway just wanted to say hi to everything on my journal. So, hi everything on my journal. I'm going to figure out how to get my ___ to work right now. I can't get the hotty on the video to match. So, once I get it done, I'll be able to post some videos I'm doing on you too. & I'll be ___ everyone up to date about my move to Calery in a few mons. I'm really excited about that. Anyway, so yeah, just saying hi to everybody, so, hello & good night. Bye.”

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Writer's Block: Summer Break

How did you spend summers when you were a kid?

Traveled around a lot - like to Yellowstone National Park and places like that. It was a family thing, sort of like the Brady Bunch, lol.

Random Updates

Wow - haven't been here in a long time... guess I'm just too into greatestjournal, lol... cause it's free... ;)

But, since I've paid for a year of this place, I guess I should use it. Seems like wasted money otherwise - and I certainly don't have the money to waste...

Anyway, I'm going to make these posts public from now on - at least for awhile. I don't care who knows what's going on with me - I have nothing to hide. :) Though I will continue to monitor my comments because of the losers out there with nothing better to do than leave stupid comments - and not being brave enough to leave a name - on a strangers journal. I have one message to those people; GET A LIFE LOSER!

Okay, now that that's over with - here's what's going on with me:

I'm still working my tail off for K, with the kids, her official site, her MySpace, and now her FaceBook... but it's cool, I enjoy my job - and at least I have something to do every day, lol.

I will be moving to Los Angeles the first of October. Yep, finally decided to get out of this horror hell that some people call Vegas. This will be my last summer in this town - YAY!! I can't wait to get out to the sunny shores of California - where all my friends are. :) Not that I don't have friends here, but my BEST friend and that whole crowd is in Cali - so that's where I want to be. She's excited too - can't wait for me to get there. I chose October (it was originally going to be August) because it will be cooler - plus K asked me to stay and take care of things until she's finished with her cruise performances, so I agreed.

Okay, that's about it for the updates - I know, not that exciting eh? Oh yeah, one more thing, I broke up with the person I was seeing. No tears - I didn't like the fact that the person never called or seemed to want to see me - even though I was told it was "love", they never showed it. I don't have time for that. Relationships are a two-way street, it takes two to make it work, etc...

Now, THAT's the updates - I have to go now... I'll see if I can remember this place so I can use it more.

For Snoopers

This is for everyone that ISN'T on my friends list, that can't seem to read profiles;

And this isn't going to change anytime soon - so if I don't already know you - I won't add you... sorry...


Okay, I just paid for an LJ account - which means I need to use this journal more often since I'm spending money on it, lol... I'm going to upload some more userpics as well... It's funny, I'm paying 19.95 every 12 months for something you can get over at GreatestJournal for free... ah well... seems there are more people over here - at lease people that comment on my entries...

Anyway, so yeah, it's paid for - which also means I can really use a new layout. I'm going to go look for one right now... since I have about an hour to play around with...  I FOUND A LAYOUT!!

Santa Pic

This is the cutest pic ever - taken last weekend at the Beverly Center:

Yeah, we had funCollapse )

UGH x 2

So, the day started rushed, then got a little bit better - then spun completely out of control - in a BAD way.

The one time I get in a wreck - and it's someone else's car. Trying to avoid a side collision with this asshole in a huge ford truck that wasn't paying attention when he was changing lanes - I swerved and bumped, no, slammed into the median - tearing up both tires on the right side of Kristine and Jack's red Chevy Colorado pick up. I was horrified - not because I was hurt - but because I had done this to my friend's/bosses' car. These two people trust me with their most precious (their kids), and this is how I pay them back. Oh, they both said that they're glad I wasn't hurt - saying it could have been so much worse - and they're probably right (just thinking about getting hit by a much bigger vehicle makes me shudder) - but I still feel guilty because it will cost them money to fix both tires. Believe me, it's going to take awhile to feel better about the situation.

I have to say on a side note - that Jack took it much better than I thought he would - I seriously sweated nervously for about six and a half hours before I could even tell him about it. Once I got the story out though, he was cool. Saying it was just tires. Not a big deal. So yeah, not feeling great about it - but not as scared.

That was my day - pretty horrible - but finally over.