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Happy 4th of July! (Voice Post)

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“Hey happy 4th Jul everybody. I hope you had a wonderful time? We still have an 1 hr & 1/2 left of the 4th, still an hr & 24 mins. I didn't really do much, just sat around watching other fireworks & listening to the explosions outside my Apt. Anyway so right now I'm uploading another video to my U2 account. I'm probably gonna delete the 1st 1 because it didn't work out very well. But this 1 that I'm doing this right now is, everything is much better. As good as I can look on video. So I'll put a link up later so you can go check it out. And if you're on U2, feel free to give me a call man(?)? Or add me as a friend. And that would be really cool. Back to work tomorrow. Had a lovely day off. I'll talk to ya'll soon. Bye.”

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